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A Fresh Look for Our Fresh Start at Salem Stones!
February 28, 2023

Today, we are excited to introduce our new website, a home(page) for us and a hub for our valued customers. We believe that the eye-catching design captures all the best attributes of Salem Stones: clarity, transparency and innovation. 

It represents one more example of how we used the challenges caused by Covid and its aftermath to both reaffirm our mission and enhance our operations. The site is now even more intuitive and user-friendly than before, coupling a comforting visual experience with easy-to-find information. In other words, the website is very much like Salem Stones itself—a caring, dependable place for monument dealers, cemeteries and funeral homes.

Our customers know that our ceaseless efforts to be such a place meant returning to pre-pandemic normal as fast as we could. That we have done by increasing inventory, eliminating surplus charges, accelerating delivery times and capping prices. Displaying the same creative and efficient problem solving that has marked our 16-year history, we hired experts in supply-chain management, warehouse operations and more. We also invested in industry-leading technology to enhance the client experience during both the design and ordering phases and to refine our packing and shipping capabilities. (Salem Inspire, which allows you to check real-time inventory and create monuments around the clock, is just one example of these improvements.) Our team’s hard work over the past year has allowed us to present a striking contrast to our many competitors that continue to struggle with supply-chain issues, elevated pricing and delayed delivery.

Fittingly, we now cap off this busy year of transformation with our updated website design. (There will be similar design changes to our branding at national industry events, on social media and in our communications.) It is, officially, a new era at Salem Stones. And yet, at heart, we remain unchanged, a company committed as ever to being the industry’s best supplier of granite, in every possible way and, of course, to being there when everything matters.  


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