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Pre-assembled and Custom Walk-in Mausoleums

Unique, elegant options for the families you serve. A turn-key ordering process for you.

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One comprehensive price

Granite (with bronze doors and stained glass windows for walk-in mausoleums), shipping, assembly and installation by our experienced crew are all included.

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Effortless design and installation

Families can choose the number of crypts and choose from bronze and stained glass options. We ship completed units on a flatbed truck, unload them by crane and assemble them on site. Immaculate condition guaranteed.

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Pre-assembled options—in stock

We are the only granite supplier that keeps pre-assembled mausoleums— one or two crypt, stacked or rooftop configurations—on hand, so we can help you fulfill the most pressing needs. These mausoleums are available in many colors. No assembly is required upon delivery.

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Endless customization

Dimensional drawings and 3-D architectural renderings inform our custom design process. We work hand in hand with you to create the exact mausoleum your customer desires.

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