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The Best Selection of Columbaria

Everything you need to meet the demand in cremation.

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Evolving-market insights

In the past 20 years, U.S. cremation rates have nearly doubled, from 27% to 53%. Salem Stones, with our significant experience in this segment of the market, can be a valuable resource for monument dealers, cemeteries and funeral homes as they seek to better understand the shifting landscape.

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In-stock personal options

Single and companion cremation niches, personal monuments, benches, pedestals and columbaria. Two or four niches are available with or without an alcove. Each of our locations carries high-profit standard items and the most popular colors and sizes.

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In-stock community options

Whether you are looking for a simple columbarium or designing a cremation garden, many of our columbarium (starting at six niches and going up to 72 niches) and other cremation products are            in-stock and ready to ship.

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Design and engraving

Using industry-best technology and tools, our talented craftsmen can create virtually any cremation memorial a family or community might want.

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Custom-made columbaria

We build columbaria from a wide range of imported color granite options for personal use or to fill a larger community space. Each order includes dimensional drawings and photographs of the completed structure prior to shipping. Color renderings are available upon request.


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