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A Note From Our CEO: India Grey Granite
June 29, 2022

Our industry has faced its share of challenges over the past few years, but today I’m happy to be able to deliver some good news. In response to the supply-chain issues that have had an especially painful effect on the families you serve, we are introducing a new grey stone that is more available—though just as arresting—as traditional best sellers.

India Grey granite is a top-quality import that is an especially fine alternative to the popular domestic Greys; we expect it will more than satisfy families. Thanks to our robust relationships with quarries in India, we have secured a stable pipeline of the stone, ensuring a much more reliable inventory than domestic quarries can now offer due to their extremely limited supply.

In short, with India Grey you get:

  • High-quality stone equivalent to the best domestic grey granite
  • Speedier shipping and more regular delivery than domestic options
  • Real-time transparency of your delivery via our Salem Inspire ordering system

What’s more, because there are still many working artisans in India, buying granite from overseas allows for more price-sensitive customization options. Families can choose from a variety of shapes, finishes and etchings that allow them to best memorialize a loved one without breaking their budget.

Our expansion into India Grey is just another example of how, over the past 15 years, Salem Stones has worked to meet your needs so you, in turn, can offer the best possible service and solutions to your own customers.

To learn more about India Grey granite and how it can eliminate your vexing supply challenges, contact TK. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you.



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