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Custom Orders that Arrive Faster than Other Suppliers’ Standard Orders
January 19, 2023

Pandemic-related shipping and supply challenges caused many of our customers to take custom stone options off the table. That decision was perfectly understandable. Now, though, we have forged a path back to normalcy at Salem Stones, and that means, I am happy to say, we are seeing trends toward more customers and families looking to customize memorials to honor their loved ones and a life well lived.

As always, we subscribe to the idea of “one-time, on-time.” That’s because our design and approval process, along with sending a photo of the finished monument, ensures you will get exactly what you expect, in perfect condition. And we should receive it at our warehouse within 150 days.

Custom stones allow families to memorialize their loved ones in exactly the manner they believe to be most meaningful. Our custom design team is expert at helping you create just that.

Please contact our Custom Designs Team at or by phone at (866) 834-1219 with any questions, or to start your custom design order.




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