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Forging Our Path Back to Normal: Reduced Timelines For Custom Import Stones
August 11, 2022

With everything going on in our industry, Salem Stones is consistently the partner I can trust to deliver for our families. The quality and timelines of their custom monuments continues to impress.

– Midwest Monument Retailer

We continue to hear customer feedback about promise dates of 9-12 months from other suppliers, “It’s our industries new normal” is what we hear far too often.

At Salem Stones, we do not accept this “new normal” narrative. We are in fact, committed to forging our industry’s path “back to normal.”

Therefore, effective immediately, we are reducing the expected timeline for custom import memorial orders from 180 days to 150 days! These revised timelines will provide more certainly for both you and the families you serve!!

Lastly, Salem Stones has a rich history of designing and delivering custom stones.

Here are some examples of our custom capabilities:

(Note: Columbaria and Mausoleum orders do not apply to the 150-day timeline.)


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