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Positioned for the Ongoing Pandemic & Beyond
March 17, 2021

Why Salem Stones?

Because even in a pandemic, we put our customers’ needs first.
We know that you want to do your best to take care of the families who are depending on you at a vulnerable and emotional time. We share that sense of responsibility. At Salem Stones, we were determined that the pandemic would not interrupt our operations. Especially when we know what our partners, and in turn the families they serve, are facing.
We’ve taken a number of measures to ensure we continue to deliver.

What Sets Us Apart

Positioned for the Ongoing Pandemic & Beyond

Understandably, the Pandemic has turned nearly everything upside down.
However, at Salem Stones, we were determined that our operations would not be interrupted. Especially when we knew what our partners, and in turn the families they serve, are facing.

Here’s a look at the measures we’ve taken over the past 11 months to ensure we continue to deliver.

Enhanced Communication

Communication is always key. That’s why we make it a priority. With the status of shipments from India and China changing rapidly due to port closings, we enhanced our communication with customers, making sure they stayed updated every step of the way. This is particularly important amid so much uncertainty.

Bolstered Inventory

With close to 20,000 monuments in stock, Salem Stones has one of the largest inventories in the country. We’ve worked hard to maintain this extensive inventory throughout the Pandemic. That means a monument found in our inventory can typically be shipped in 3-5 days.

Promises Kept

At Salem Stones, we are committed to meet every Promise Date, the date customers can count on receipt of their monument. Even during the Pandemic, that hasn’t changed. Delivery of custom monuments from overseas are presently taking about 120-130 days. Families plan their services around this Promise Date. We know how important it is and therefore don’t miss it.

Reliable Network

Many wholesalers have experienced disruptions in their supply networks. Not Salem Stones. Over the past 15 years we’ve established the best network of suppliers in the industry in order to deliver the highest quality granite available.

Open & Operating

As an essential business, we are pleased to share that there have been no closures, layoffs or interruptions at Salem Stones. In fact, we’ve shipped 40% more monuments throughout the Pandemic. We recognize how difficult this crisis is, and we are proud to provide products to our customers and the families they serve.

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