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Salem Stones: Tariffs update 10/7/19
September 11, 2019

Dear Customer

  • As you are aware, currently Salem Stones charges the customers 20% tariff surcharge on all Memorials from China (in response to 25% US tariffs on Chinese products)
  • Effective October 15th, 2019, the US government has changed the customs duty by an additional 5% for all memorials imported from China.
  • In response, Salem Stones will charge customers a 25% tariff surcharge for all Chinese Memorial orders placed on or after October 15, 2019
  • There will be No Tariff related surcharges for any memorials imported from India. 

How will this affect your existing orders and future orders with us?

Monument from India:

  • Existing orders: 0% Surcharge
  • Orders from October 1, 2019: 0% Surcharge

Monuments from China:

  • Existing orders: 20% Surcharge
  • Orders from October 1, 2019: 25% Surcharge

 How will this tariffs affect Salem Stones pricing to the customers?

It will affect the following:

  • All products in
    • Group 1 (China Grey and Ocean Wave),
    • Group 2 (Dark Cloud, Imperial Rose and Silver Cloud),
    • Group 6 (China Pink, Butterfly Blue) and
    • Group 8 ( Blue Pearl)
    • Select Products in Groups 3, Group 4, Group 5 and Group 7. This includes Carvings from china, Personal cremation units, Mausoleums and Columbarium.

It will not affect our pricing on the following:

  • Flush, Bevel and Slant markers, Serptops and other special designs like Double heart, Tear drops in
    • Group 3 (Rustic Brown, Vintage Black)
    • Group 4 (Premium Jet Black, India Mist, Impala Black)
    • Group 5 (Bahama Blue, Paradiso, Indian Mahogany, Tan Brown, Red Multicolor, Spring Green, Coffee Brown, Tropical Green, Twilight Red
    • Group 7 ( India red, Catseye, Aurora Red and Black Galaxy)
    • Domestic Stones like Georgia Grey, North American Pink, American Black, Dakota Mahogany etc 

Important things to note: 

  1. Salem Stones imports Majority of products from India. As a granite supplier we will protect you as much as possible from this tariffs by sourcing the products from India.
  • All our Premium Jet Black Markers, Serptops, Special Designs and most of the carvings comes from India.
  • We are beginning to import all of the sculpted carvings of Flowers and Trees from India.
  • We are working on getting the Blue Pearl ( HQ plus) material in India
  1. These tariffs and resulting surcharges might be temporary in nature. So this will show as separate line items in our order confirmation and invoices.
  2. If the tariffs go away in the future, we will stop the surcharges accordingly.


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