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Seven Ways Our New Design and Inventory Technology Will Make Your Job Easier
April 27, 2022

The monument industry is certainly challenged these days. But Salem Stones strives to help make your business successful, no matter the obstacles. Sometimes that means importing a new granite. Other times it means investing in an all-in-one design and inventory management tool. That tool, Salem Inspire, with its full touch-screen functionality and streamlined processing, will improve not only your experience but also that of the families you serve.

Here are seven reasons to incorporate Salem Inspire into your routine:

  1. The information you need is a click away. So you can track inventory, availability, and ETAs instantly.
  2. Ordering is much faster, too. One click also allows you to place multiple orders.
  3. It eliminates the usual worries of monument making. An intuitive design program links to real-time inventory, so you can be sure of fulfilling your commitments to customers and families.
  4. You won’t ever need to start over—unless you want to.  An auto-save feature means never losing a design.
  5. It eliminates the common pitfalls. You can easily convert designs into orders, and then track the status of each order from start to finish.
  6. Families are empowered and involved. A link can give customers direct access to the design process, and the ability to propose their own designs.
  7. Everyone gets a personal login. Unique owner, manager, and user log-ins streamline order processing throughout the organization.

As always, we are here to help you with ordering, design or anything else. If you have any questions about Salem Inspire, please contact our team.


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