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Update From Lenin: Custom Stone Timelines And IFS Reduction
August 15, 2022

At Salem Stones, we continually work to make improvements in our business. We do this primarily by investing in our people, our processes, and the latest available technology.

In fact, our goal as a company is to work in partnership with our customers in “Forging Our Path Back to Normal” within our industry. As a next step down this path, Salem Stones has reduced the timelines for imported custom stones from 180 days to 150 days. This will allow our customers to provide more certainty with promise dates with their families.

Also last year, based on enormous increases in shipping rates we implemented an international freight surcharge (IFS). While we have not seen significant declines in these rates, they have in fact stabilized. Therefore, effective August 15th, we will be reducing by 11.5 %, from 26 cents per pound to 23 cents per pound.

Salem Stones continues to monitor these rates very closely and as prices decline, we will reduce the IFS accordingly.

Please watch for more “Forging Our Path Back to Normal” updates and announcements as we will continue to keep you updated while we make improvements in our business.

We are honored to support you and the families you serve.

Lenin Kailasammani
CEO, Salem Stones Inc.


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