Pre-assembled and Walk-in mausoleums present elegant memorial options in many color choices

Salem Stones is the only granite supplier to stock pre-assembled mausoleums, whether to fulfill a family’s immediate need or for pre-planning purposes. Both single and two-crypt mausoleums are available from with a choice of grey, pink, jet black or rustic brown granite. No assembly is required upon delivery. For specific color or special order requests, call 866-834-1219 or contact a Salem Stones sales associate for more information.

Ordering a walk-in mausoleum is a turn-key process with Salem Stones. Granite, shipping, assembly, bronze door and stained glass window all are included in one comprehensive price. Families decide on the number of crypts and choose a selection of bronze and stained glass options to create truly unique memorials. Salem Stones offers dimensional drawings and 3-D architectural renderings as part of the custom design process.

From creating a distinctive memorial to offering a personal, private estate, pre-assembled mausoleums from Salem Stones can house from one, two, four or six crypts in stacked or rooftop configurations.


Customize mausoleums with a wide variety of color options.

Salem Stones installs custom walk-in mausoleums at your site for no additional cost

Salem Stones makes the process of purchasing a walk in mausoleum as effortless as possible. When you order a walk in mausoleum from Salem Stones, you’re getting much more than just granite. Our experienced crew will complete the installation for you. This service is included in your original price. Units are shipped on a flatbed truck. A crane is required for on-site assembly. From unloading each piece to the finishing details, Salem Stones delivers a beautifully polished memorial free from cracks, chips or flaws.

The Salem Stones crew comes to your location to unload the pieces of the mausoleum. A crane is required onsite.
The Salem Stones team carefully organizes and assembles each component of the mausoleum, from the foundation on up.
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Salem Stones also offers professional sandblasting and laser etching services.